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Comparing Diagram VersionsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can, at any time, compare your draft diagram (or a diagram on which you have been invited to comment, or one that has been sent to you for review) with the published version from which the edits were begun. To open the Compare window, click Start of the navigation path Menu Next navigation step Compare Versions End of the navigation path.

Note You can also launch a compare of any two published versions of a diagram in a single branch from the Versions facet of their parent model (see Object Properties).
  • In the top toolbar:
    • Click the Properties tool to display the Compare Properties panel, which shows the Initial Properties, the Changes to them, and the New Properties of the selected object.
  • In the diagram panels:
    • The published diagram is displayed in the left panel and the draft version in the right panel. Differences are color-coded as follows:
      • Creations - Green (right panel only)
      • Changes - Orange (both panels)
      • Deletions - Red (left panel only)
    • Click an object in either panel to select it in the list of changes.
    • Click and drag to move around the diagram. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
    • Review or add comments in the right panel (see Commenting on Diagrams).
  • In the bottom toolbar:
    • Click the filter tool to control the display of creations, changes, symbol changes (including creation and deletion of symbols), and deletions.
    • Click the left or right arrows to go to the next or previous change.
    • Click the change text itself to display the list of changes.
    • Click Close to return to the Diagram Viewer.