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Sub-Processes (BPMN Descriptive)Locate this document in the navigation structure

A sub-process is a task that is broken down into sub-tasks. For example, you may break the Log In task into the sub-tasks Enter User Name and Enter Password.

To create a sub-process:
  • Select an object in the diagram and click (or click and drag) the Task tool to create a new task after it in the control flow, or
  • Click the Task tool in the bottom toolbar and click in the diagram.
Enter a name for the task and then click the Properties tool to change its type, and select Sub-Process.

The sub-process is initially empty:

To begin to specify the details of the sub-process, click the Start tool in the bottom toolbar and click in the sub-process symbol to create the start inside it:

Note When you hover over the sub-process, its border is highlighted in green to indicate that you are about to create an object inside it.
Add tasks and other objects as necessary to complete the definition of the sub-process:

The symbol grows to accommodate these objects, and you can resize it and reposition them as necessary.
Note Objects created inside a sub-process are listed on the Children facet of its property sheet.