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Publishing DiagramsLocate this document in the navigation structure

When your changes (or the changes you are reviewing) are complete, you can publish them and make the new version of the diagram available to all users.


Note You must have Write permission or higher to directly publish a diagram. If you have only the Submit permission, your changes must be reviewed before publication. In this case, select Start of the navigation path Publish Next navigation step Submit Changes End of the navigation path.


  1. [recommended] Review the content of the diagram for accuracy and compliance with your organization's modeling standards:
    • To verify that it conforms with the appropriate modeling rules, click the Verify button at the bottom right of the window (see Verifying Diagrams).
    • To obtain an interactive analysis of the changes made from the published version, select Start of the navigation path Menu Next navigation step Compare Versions End of the navigation path (see Comparing Diagram Versions).
  2. Click the Publish tool and select Publish.
  3. Enter a comment to explain the purpose of these changes.
    The publication comment is displayed against the version number on the model property sheet Versions tab (see Object Properties).
  4. Click OK to publish the changes.
    A new version of the diagram is published and you return to your workspace. The published diagram is available at the head of the Recently Viewed Diagrams list.