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  1. You have setup the following master data:

    • Country ID

    • Pay Scale Type

    • Pay Scale Area

    • ES Grouping CAP

    • Pay Scale Group

    • Pay Scale Level

    • Promote Date

    • Salary Override

    • Salary

    • Employee Group

    • Employee Sub Group

    • FM Area

    • Fiscal Year Variant

    • Fund Center

    • Funded Program

    • Grant

    • Functional Area

    • Fund

    • Benefit Area

    • Benefit Plan

  2. You have defined benefit rules. To learn how to maintain benefit rules, see Maintaining Benefit Rules.

  3. You have created positions or the positions already exist in the system.


To search for existing positions, do the following:

  1. Choose   PBF Administration   PEP Maintenance   Personnel Maintenance  . In the Detailed Navigation area, choose Position Maintenance.

  2. In the Position Selection section, click Search.

    The system displays the Position Search popup.

  3. On the Position Search popup, use the following criteria to search for positions:

    • FM Area

    • Fund Center

    • Job Class

    • Report Position

    • Employee Group

    • Employee Sub Group

    • ES Grouping CAP

    • Position Status

    If you know the position number, enter the value using the Position field.

  4. Click Search to load the available positions.

  5. In the Matching Positions table, select the desired position.

  6. In the Interval table, click the row with the desired start and end dates.

  7. Click Load to display the position record.

  8. Click Cancel to return to the Position Maintenance screen without loading a position.

  9. To edit a loaded position, click Edit and make the necessary changes in the Details tabs.