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You can use the MultipartHeaderBean module to add the following values in dynamic configuration:

  • Attributes of main application payload of the XI message.

  • Attributes of other payloads that are appended to the XI message as an additional attachment.

You can use this module with the sender mail adapter to add mail attachment attributes, such as content ID, content description, content type, content disposition to dynamic configuration. When you use this module with sender mail adapter, select Set Adapter-Specific Message Properties and Variable Transport Binding in the Advanced tab page.

These attributes are added to dynamic configuration in the following name format:


For example, part[0].Content-Type

Attachment_No starts from 0.


1. Add the Module to the Processing Sequence
  1. Enter the Module Name AF_Modules/MultipartHeaderBean before the module name of the adapter.

    For information about where to insert the module, see:Extending Module Chain for SAP Adapters in the Module Processor.

  2. Under Module Type, enter Local Enterprise Bean.

    The default module key is displayed.

2. Add Parameters to the Module Configuration
  1. Under Parameter Name, enter requiredHeaders.

  2. Under Parameter Value, enter one of the following values:

    • All

      All available attributes of main payload and available attributes of each attachment payload are added in dynamic configuration.

    • Comma separated list of attribute names

      Only mentioned attributes of main payload and mentioned attributes of each attachment payload, if available, are added in dynamic configuration.

  3. Under Parameter Name, enter dcNamespace.

  4. Under Parameter Value, enter the value of namespace under which the attributes of main application payload and attachment payloads should be added in dynamic configuration. This namespace should be the same as the attribute namespace of the adapter in which this module is added.

The default values of parameters are as follows:

Parameter Name

Parameter Value