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Function documentation Administration of the VM Container  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can configure and manage the SAP Virtual Machine Container (VM Container) in your specific system landscape and application.


You can find information about operating of the VM Container in Operating the VM Container.

You can find a brief overview and information about system administrator tasks in the Technical Operations Manual (TOM), under Managing the Virtual Machine Container (VMC).

To find out how to import SAP corrections into your system see Importing Patches and Corrections.


The following tools are provided for monitoring and managing the VM Container:

        The VM Overview (transaction SM52) provides an overview of the configured Java VMs, their type, and their memory consumption. You can also control the VM Container and VMs actively.

        The VMC System Administration (transaction SM53) provides details about the status of the Java runtime environment, and about how to import urgent corrections for Java functions.

         Statistics in the VM Container: The VM Container provides various ways of recording and displaying statistical information.






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