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You should find out from the upgrade guide for your SAP solution whether the component SAP VM Container is required for operating your solution. It For instance, it will be if your solution needs the "Internet Pricing and Configurator" (IPC).


The procedure for setting up the VM Container, which is required only once after the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP has been installed or upgraded, is described in SAP note 854170.


To carry out the tasks described below, in addition to the standard Basis administration authorizations, you also need the following authorization profiles or the roles based on these profiles:

      For the area Monitoring: Profile S_VMC_ADMIN_2

      For the area Software Change Management: Profile S_VMCTRANS

Process Flow

Starting and Stopping the VM Container

If the VM Container has been set up as described in note 854170, it will automatically be started up each time the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP is started. In the Overview of the SAP Application Server (transaction SM51) you can check whether the VM Container was successfully started. Each server with an activated VM Container component has the message type VMC, amongst others.

The VM Container is likewise stopped automatically when the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP is stopped.

For support purposes the VM Container can be stopped also while the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP is running. This is done in the VM Overview (transaction SM52) by choosing VMC Deactivate. This function is meant only for error analysis carried out by SAP support and should not be used in productive operation. You can start a VM Container again by choosing VMC Activate in the VM Overview.


The VM Container is integrated in the CCMS monitoring infrastructure: in the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20) under CCMS Monitor Templatesyou can find the VM Container Monitor.

You can find information about further monitoring functions in Monitoring the VM Container.

Load Analysis

Possibilities for load analysis while the VM Container is running are described in Load Analysis in the VM Container.

More Information

Administration of the VM Container

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