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Procedure documentation Adding Modules to the Module Processor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have the option of specifying generic modules for adapters that are configured in the communication channel. These modules equip the adapters with additional functions. If it is not possible to add modules to an adapter, you will not be able to select the Module tab page.

The modules that are the basis of the adapter configuration on the Parameters tab page are located in the module processor and are displayed in the module processor once a communication channel has been created.

To use the transformation possibilities of the Conversion Agent, enter the module to call the Conversion Agent.

More information: Conversion Agent



      You have configured the relevant sender or receiver adapter on the Parameters tab page.

      You have selected the Message Protocol.

      You have selected the Module tab page.


Add Additional Modules

       1.      In change mode, insert a line at the corresponding position in the table in the Processing Sequence frame by choosing Insert Line Below Selection (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

To delete an assignment, select the relevant line and choose Delete Selected Lines (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

       2.      In the Processing Sequence frame, enter the additional modules you want to be executed in the communication channel:

       The Number is generated.

It defines the call sequence of the modules.

       Under Module Name, enter the name of the module.

       Under Type, select the module type.

       Remote Enterprise Bean

       Java library

       Local Enterprise Bean


Only use local enterprise beans.

Java library and remote enterprise beans are only available for selection for compatibility reasons.

More information: Extending the Module Chain for SAP Adapters in the Module Processor

       3.      In the Module Configuration frame, enter parameters and values for a module.

You can enter parameters and values for the module where you are located in the processing sequence.

       Enter the Parameter Name.

If the parameter name begins with pwd or cryptedpassword, a password and confirmation are expected under Parameter Value.

       Enter the Parameter Value.

The password and confirmation are displayed as asterisks (*) when entered.

       The database folder is unencrypted for parameter names that begin with pwd.

       The database folder is encrypted for parameter names that begin with cryptedpassword.



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