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Load distribution allows you to dynamically distribute the SAP users to application server instances. You can increase the efficiency of individual work groups by setting up multiple logon workgroups that consist of one or more application instances.

You can assign one or more application servers to certain workgroups or specific applications. When users log on to the system, they are automatically logged on to the server that currently has the best performance statistics and/or the fewest users.

Workgroups are configured and maintained centrally from in the SAP system. Each application server group is assigned maximum thresholds for response time and number of users that can log on to any particular group server. You can assign particularly important workgroups with time-critical transactions to application servers with better response time behavior. Setting up logon groups means that the activities of each server become more predictable, which allows you to tune each specific server with respect to the working applications.

To log on to an SAP system, the user needs to know only the name of the SAP system and the logon group. The host name and system numbers are no longer needed when you have logged on.

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