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Downloading the SAPHOSTAGENT ArchiveLocate this document in the navigation structure

The SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive contains all of the required elements for centrally monitoring any host. It is available for all operating system platforms supported by SAP.


It is automatically installed during the installation of SAP systems or instances with SAP kernel 7.20 or higher.


  1. Go to the SAP Software Distribution Center of the SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP site.
  2. Log on with your SAP Service Marketplace ID.
  3. In the navigation bar, choose Start of the navigation path SAP Software Download Center Next navigation step Support Packages and Patches Next navigation step Browse our Download Catalog Next navigation step SAP Technology Components Next navigation step SAP HOST AGENT Next navigation step SAP HOST AGENT 7.20 Next navigation step  <operating system> End of the navigation path.
  4. Select the appropriate SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive from the Download tab.

    Always select the highest SP version of the SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive, even if you want to monitor a component of SAP NetWeaver with a lower release.

  5. Make sure that the SAPCAR tool is available on the host where you want to install SAP Host Agent.

    You need the SAPCAR tool in order to be able to decompress the SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive. For more information about SAPCAR and how to get it, see SAP Note 212876 Information published on SAP site.