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Procedure documentation Adding Code Example from Adapter Development to Module Processor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


SAP provides an example module for adapter and module development, which you can use as a basis for your module development.

For more information on module development: Developing Adapters and Modules, dort unter Modulentwicklung.

The example module provided by SAP converts the character that indicates the end of a line in Microsoft Windows, CarriageReturn+LineFeed (CRLF), to the character that indicates the end of a line in Unix, LineFeed (LF), or the other way around.


Add the Module in the Processing Sequence


       1.      Enter the module name SAP XI Sample/ConvertCRLFfromToLFbefore the module name of the adapter.

For information about where to insert the module, see: Extending the Module Chain for SAP Adapters in the Module Processor

       2.      Select the module type Local Enterprise Bean.

The system proposes a Module Key.

Add Parameters in the Module Configuration

       3.      Under Parameter Name, enter convert.

       4.      You can enter the following parameter values:


No conversion.


It is converted from Microsoft Windows CRLF to Unix LF.

       No, or any, value.

It is converted from Unix LF to Microsoft Windows CRLF.


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