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The Code Inspector is a generic tool that you use to check SAP repository objects. You use it to define inspections which examine object sets with the help of check variants. It checks the performance, security, syntax, and adherence to naming conventions of individual or sets of repository objects. You also use it to retrieve statistical information or to search for certain ABAP tokens. As a result of an inspection, you receive information, warning, and error messages about the different properties of the examined objects.


To start the Code Inspector, perform one of the following:

        Choose SAP Menu Tools ABAP Workbench Test Code Inspector.

        From the SAP Easy Access, enter transaction code SCI.


The Code Inspector comprises the following elements:

      Inspection, where you can perform checks on an object.

You can display, create, change, copy, create a new version of, delete, and see the results of an inspection.

      Object set, where you can determine the objects to be checked.

You can display, create, change, copy, and delete an object set.

      Check variant, where you can define the individual checks that are performed on the objects.

You can display, create, change, copy, and delete a check variant.


The range of functions of the Code Inspector is limited to checking static object definitions and can only point out certain problems. For example, it cannot give a precise prediction of the overall program performance. To do this, you need to analyze the program execution at runtime, using the Runtime Analysis (transaction code SAT), the Performance Analysis (transaction code ST05), the Global Performance Analysis (transaction code ST30), or another relevant tool.


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