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SAP provides the following modules:

      Modules to configure an async/sync or a sync/async bridge for the JMS adapter.

More information: Configuring Sync/Sync and Sync/Async Bridges in the JMS Adapter


You can swap the main payload of the XI message with another payload of the message that is an attachment.

More information: Adding PayloadSwapBean in the Module Processor


You can convert an XML document in the main payload of the XI message to text format.

The structure of the document is checked based on the entries you make in the module.

For more information: Adding StrictXml2PlainBean to the Module Processor


You can anonymize XML elements and attributes.

More information: Adding XMLAnonymizerBean to the Module Processor


You can compress one or more payloads or extract payloads from a compressed file.

More information: Adding PayloadZipBean to the Module Processor


You can swap the code page of the main payload of the XI message and convert the content using the new code page.

More information: Adding TextCodepageConversionBean in the Module Processor


You can edit the message header for adapter-specific message attributes.

More information: Adding DynamicConfigurationBean in the Module Processor


More information: Adding MessageTransformBean in the Module Processor

      Example module for adapter and module development.

More information: Adding Example Module from Adapter Development in the Module Processor


The module checks the XI header parameters on the basis of the parameters that you have configured in the communication channel.

For more information: Adding Header Validation Module in the Module Processor


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