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Configuring Delayed Auto-Upgrade of SAP Host Agent to Avoid Network BottlenecksLocate this document in the navigation structure

Within large installations, it normally makes sense to use one single share where the content of SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR is extracted regularly.


With this configuration the simultaneous upgrade of many machines is very easy. Unfortunately, if all machines start to access a single network share, it could result in a network bottleneck, and in case of a restrictive firewall configuration, to a complete outage.

To avoid this kind of problem, for large landscapes you can additionally create a configuration file within $DIR_NEW, containing the maximum time range of an upgrade. In this case the various saphostexec processes of the different machines will plan the upgrade in a random way within a well defined time window.


Create a file in $DIR_NEW called .delay.

The format of the file is as follows: <Value1> random- <Value2> :

  • <Value1> represents the number of minutes after an auto-upgrade is checked, and <Value2> the maximum value of minutes after which the auto-upgrade is started.

    The real upgrade delay value in minutes is given by: Delay = <Value1> + <randomValue> *<Value2>



    Auto-upgrade checks the version of the file contained in $DIR_NEW every 500 minutes.

  • <Value2> is optional and could be omitted.



    Auto-upgrade checks the version of the file contained in $DIR_NEW every 500 minutes.

    Once the version of SAP Host Agent contained within $DIR_NEW is newer, the upgrade will be started within the next 500 minutes. The exact time when the upgrade is started is a random value between 1 and 500 minutes.