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SAP List Viewer unifies and simplifies the use of lists in SAP systems. A uniform user interface and list format is available for all lists. This prevents redundant functions.

SAP List Viewer can be used to view both single-level lists and multilevel sequential lists.

      Single-level lists contain any number of rows that have no hierarchical relationship to each other.

      Multilevel sequential lists consist of any number of rows that have two hierarchical levels. Multilevel lists have header rows and item rows; the item rows are subordinate to the header rows. For each header row there can be any number of subordinate item rows.

You can view subtotals and totals rows in both single-level lists and multilevel sequential lists.


SAP List Viewer is used in controlling for reports such as the following:

        Reports from cost centers and business processes

        Actual line item reports from cost centers and business processes

        Commitment line item reports

        Plan line item reports from cost centers, orders, business processes, cost objects

        Budget reports

        Cycle reports

        Order selection (CO-PC)

        Flexible itemization (CO-PC)


Not all lists in SAP components use the full range of functions available in SAP List Viewer. Some lists in SAP system components offer special functions that extend beyond the normal range of SAP List Viewer.

This documentation covers all the functions of SAP List Viewer. The description of the lists in the applications includes all the functions available in SAP List Viewer as well as the additional functions.


Navigating Within the List


Choosing Detail


Sorting in Ascending/Descending Order

ABC Analysis


Selecting and Deleting Rows

Defining Exceptions


Setting and Deleting Filters


Displaying and Deleting Sums

Creating Subtotals

Choosing Summation Levels

Defining the Breakdown of Summation Levels

Displaying the Status

Displaying the List Status 


Optimizing the Column Width

Freezing and Unfreezing Columns


Selecting Layouts

Changing Layouts

Saving Layouts

Layout Management

Basic List

Displaying the Basic List


Finding Terms


Printing Lists


Sending the List as a Document


Exporting to Spreadsheets    

Text Processing

Transferring a List to a Local File


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