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When using a System Landscape Directory, to be able to represent and control all the parts of your system landscape that are applied in different ways, you need to define Groups of business systems and Transport Targets.

  • By making groups of business systems, you can divide your system landscape into parts that are applied in different ways.

    Example Example

    Test and productive landscape (see example below).

    End of the example.
  • Transport targets are the names of business systems that correspond to each other but which are located in different business system groups.

    You need to define transport targets correctly to be able to transport objects out of the Integration Directory. This is because transport targets ensure that the business system components from all the Integration Directories involved in the transport are correctly assigned to each other.

    For more information, see: Transports


All business systems are entered in the SLD.


Defining Groups of Business Systems

Define groups of business systems for different areas of use (for example, testing and production) and assign an Integration Server to each group.

  1. Call the Process Integration start page.

    For more information, see: Working with the Development Environment

  2. Start the SLD.

  3. On the SLD start page, choose Business Systems.

    The browser displays the Business Systems screen.

  4. From the dropdown list box for the input field Groups, choose Edit Groups….

  5. On the Business System Groups screen, choose New Group.

  6. Enter a name for the group and assign it an Integration Server.

    Note Note

    Business systems are assigned to a group indirectly by using the Integration Server. To assign a business system and an Integration Server, proceed as described in Configuring a Business System in the SLD.

    End of the note.
  7. To create the group, choose Create.

Defining a Transport Target for a Business System

Define which business systems in two different groups correspond to each other.

  1. On the initial screen of the SLD, choose Business Systems.

  2. Select a business system.

  3. Choose the Transport tab page under <Name of Business Systems> Details.

  4. Choose Add/Change Target.

  5. In the Group input field, choose the group that is assigned the system corresponding to the business system that is open.

  6. In the Target input field, choose the business system that corresponds to the business system that is open in the other group.


The systems employed in the Process Integration test can be grouped together in a group called Test, while those systems used in production operation can be grouped together in the group Productive.

In your test configuration you have defined a configuration scenario with all the corresponding configuration objects. To transfer this configuration to the productive environment by using importing and exporting and to then employ it in productive operation, you must identify the corresponding business systems in the test and productive environments. For this purpose, assign the test systems to the group Test and the productive systems to the group Productive. The mapping of the names to the business systems that correspond to each other is defined by using transport targets.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.