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Using Web Services Reliable Messaging (WSRM) ensures that message exchange between a service provider and a service consumer is completed without fault. Here messages are combined into sequences. Using the analysis tools, you can find and remove any errors that occur during transmission.

Implementation Considerations

You have called the transaction SOAMANAGER. Choose the Monitoring tab and then Sequence Monitoring.


You use the Sequence Monitor in the following cases:

  • To monitor the sequence status

  • To end/restart faulty sequences

The sequence monitor comprises three areas.

  • Selection Criteria

    This area contains the following sections:

    • General Criteria

    • Special Search Criteria

    For more information, refer to the section Choosing Selection Criteria.

  • Sequence Overview

    In the sequence overview, you see a list of the selected sequences. When you choose a sequence, more details are displayed. It is possible to end or restart individual sequences.

    For more information, refer to the section Checking Sequence Overview.

  • Sequence Details

    In the Sequence Header Data tab, you will find general information on the messages contained in the sequences.

    For further information, refer to the section Analyzing a Sequence.