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You can use the alert monitor of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) for PI to display for each messaging system (Adapter Engine) the total number of messages that are currently in processing for each sender and receiver communication component.


Make sure the monitoring service is activated. You can activate the service in the following way:

       1.      Access SAP NetWeaver Administrator and choose System Management    Monitoring    Java System Reports.

       2.      Choose a system and then a server.

       3.      Choose Services    Adapter Framework    Messaging System.

       4.      Activate the service. For more information, see Modifying the State of a Set of Monitors.


The monitor contains the following tree elements for each monitored messaging system:

Tree Element


Receiver/Sender Services

Subtree with message processing backlog of all communication components (services), as well as the receiver or sender components of all communication components selected for monitoring.


Subtree with message processing backlog of all receiver or sender components.

<Receiver/Sender Service>

Subtree with message processing backlog for each selected receiver or sender component.

<Backlog Category>

Number of messages for a particular backlog category.

In the default setting, a yellow alert is set if there are at least 50 messages and a red alert is set if there are more than 1000 messages.



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