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Procedure documentation Adding PayloadZipBean in the Module Processor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this module to compress one or more payloads or extract payloads from a compressed file.

You can use the module in any adapter that can be extended.


You have configured a communication channel and are on the Module tab page in change mode.


Add the Module in the Processing Sequence


       1.      Enter the module name AF_Modules/PayloadZipBean before the module name of the adapter.

For information about where to insert the module, see: Extending the Module Chain in the Module Processor

       2.      The Module Type is Local Enterprise Bean.

The system proposes a Module Key.

Add Parameters in the Module Configuration

       3.      To define the processing mode, enter zip.mode under Parameter Name.

       4.      Under Parameter Value, enter the following:

       To compress the main payload, enter zip or zipOne.

       To compress all payloads, enter zipALL.

       To decompress the main payload, enter unzip.

       5.      The parameter zip.filenameKey is only relevant for compressing.

       6.      Under Parameter Value, specify the information to be used to generate the file name of the compressed file:


The name of the payload is used as the file name for the compressed file.

This is the default value.


For example, the content type is Content-Type: text/plain; name="name.txt".

The name of the compressed file is




If, for example, you want to compress all payloads into one file, and use the name specified under content type as the name of the compressed file, make the following entries:

Parameter Name

Parameter Value








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