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SAP List Viewer (ALV) for Web Dynpro for Java is a flexible tool for displaying lists and table-type structures that use Web Dynpro technology. It provides typical list operations as standard functions. Special functions can also be enhanced for your application.

The output consists of an application toolbar, a header, and the actual list. Using an additional dialog box, you can make various settings for column display, sorting, calculations, and so on.


Some of the functions provided by ALV for Web Dynpro for Java are the same as those provided by ALV for Web Dynpro for ABAP. Descriptions of these functions are therefore available in the corresponding documentation.


      For more information about scrolling in the list, selecting rows, and the Settings dialog box, see Navigating in the List.

      For more information about saving your settings and calling them again later, see List Personalization.

      For more information about adapting the list to suit your needs, and working with the data in the list, see List Functions.


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