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Procedure documentation Configuring the Async/Sync Bridge in the Sender JMS Adapter  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can specify modules for the async/sync bridge in the module processor. You can use an async/sync bridge to connect an asynchronous system to a synchronous system.

The asynchronous request is converted to a synchronous request in the module processor of the sender adapter and sent.

The synchronous system sends a response. This response is converted to an asynchronous message in the module processor of the sender adapter and sent to the receiver adapter.

The JMS message ID of the request message is correlated with the JMS correlation ID of the response message using the XI conversation ID.


Define Correlation Settings in the Adapter Configuration


       1.      Create a sender JMS adapter.

More information: Configuring the Sender JMS Adapter

       2.      On the Parameters tab page, under Correlation Settings, select JMSMessageID for the XI Conversation ID (ConversationID).

       3.      Create a receiver JMS adapter for the asynchronous response.

More information: Configuring the Receiver JMS Adapter

       4.      Under Correlation Settings, select XI Conversation IDas the JMSCorrelationID.

Add Modules in the Module Processor for the Sender JMS Adapter

       5.      For the sender JMS adapter, add the AF_Modules/RequestResponseBean module after the SAP XI JMS Adapter/ConvertBinaryToXMBMessage module in the Processing Sequencein the module processor.

       6.      In the Module Configuration, add the passThroughparameter with the value true to the AF_Modules/RequestResponseBean module.

       7.      In the Processing Sequence after the CallSapAdaptermodule, add the AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean module.

       8.      In the Module Configuration, add parameters to the AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBean module.

       receiverParty with value <Name of Receiver Party>

       receiverService with value <Name of Receiver Communication Component>

       receiverChannel with value <Name of Receiver Channel>

Create Collaboration Agreements

       9.      Create the following collaboration agreements:

       A sender agreement for this sender channel

       A receiver agreement for the synchronous request message

       A receiver agreement for the asynchronous response message

More information: Sender Agreement, Receiver Agreement


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