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Procedure documentation Configuring Async/Sync and Sync/Async Bridge in the JMS Adapter  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use the JMS adapter to configure async/sync and sync/async communication for simple scenarios.

More information: Configuring the JMS Adapter in the Integration Directory/PCK

For complex scenarios, use the Business Process Engine.

More information: Defining Sync/Async Communication


      You can use an async/sync bridge to connect an asynchronous system to a synchronous system.

For more information, see: Configuring Async/Sync-Bridge in the JMS Sender Adapter.

      You can use a sync/async bridge to connect a synchronous system to an asynchronous system.

For more information, see: Configuring Sync/Async-Bridge in the JMS Receiver Adapter.


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