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Procedure documentation Inserting the Header Validation Module in the Module Processor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The Integration Server transforms the incoming sender protocol message into the XI message format. The header validation module when added to an adapter validates the XI header parameters against the parameter values you configure in the communication channel.

You configure the header validation module and parameters in the module tab of the communication channel for the adapter.


You can only add the header validation module in sender communication channels as the header validation occurs only for the sender adapters.


      You have configured a communication channel and are on the Module tab page in change mode.

      You have selected the option Validation in the adapter in the sender agreement.

More information: Sender Agreement


Entering the Module Information in the Processing Sequence


       1.      Enter the module name XiHeaderValidationBean before the module name of the adapter.

       2.      Enter module type as Local Enterprise Bean.

Entering Parameter Names and Values  in the Module Configuration

       3.      Enter values of type string for the following configurable parameters in the module:


Name of the sender party in the incoming message


Name of the sender communication component in the incoming message


Name of the sender interface


Namespace of the sender interface


Name of the receiver party in the incoming message


Name of the receiver communication component in the incoming message

Error Handling

During validation, if the adapter detects errors in the XI message header, it creates an entry in the log and then alerts the Integration Server.

The RNIF and CIDX adapters send exception signals to the sender party.


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