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Object documentation Working Directory of the SAP NetWeaver Management Agents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Working Directory

The working directory of the SAP NetWeaver agent is in the following location, depending on the type of agent:


Working Directory

Host agent

/usr/sap/hostctrl/work (UNIX)

[drive]:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\work (Microsoft Windows)

Instance agent

$DIR_LOGGING/sapccm4x (For ABAP and double-stack)

$DIR_LOGGING/sapccmsr (For Java-only and TREX)

The working directory contains, among other things, the following configuration files:


Start file for the agents that contains connection data for the central monitoring system


Contains information about the extent to which Plug-Ins, log files, and SAPOSCOL information should be considered; this file is read when the agent is started (see Parameters of the SAPCCMSR.INI Configuration File).

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You can display all files in the working directory of the agent in the central monitoring system. You can use transaction RZ21 to do this. In the Topology group box, select one of the Agents for… radio buttons. . The Monitoring: Display Technical Topology screen appears. Now select the desired agent and then choose Working Directory of the Agent (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). The system displays the files of the directory. To display the contents of a file, choose the file by double-clicking it.

Log Files

A log file is also created during runtime for the agent with the name sapstartsrv_ccms.log, and log files are created for RFC communication.

AL Files

For instances, the “AL*“ files (ALMTTREE, ALPERFHI, and ALALERTS) are in the $DIR_LOGGING. These files contain the monitoring segment data. This data is saved every 30 minutes during running operation and when the instance is shutdown, and is read again when the instance is started.

The host agent has its own monitoring segment, for which the AL*files are in the directory /usr/sap/tmp (UNIX) or \\<host>\saploc\prfclog (Microsoft Windows).

Other Directories

In addition to data transfer, agents also make entirely new monitoring functions possible within the monitoring architecture. Configuration files for these monitoring functions are in separate directories next to the agent’s working directory (see Advanced Functions for Central Monitoring).

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