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Function documentation Administration/Monitoring of SAP Components with sapstartsrv  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


sapstartsrv is available for administering and monitoring any hosts and SAP instances. It has a variety of SOAP interfaces, with which the service can be used by remote clients, and is known as an instance agent. Clients for this service include:

      The platform-independent, browser-based SAP Management Console for administration and monitoring of SAP systems

      Under Microsoft Windows, the SAP Systems Manager snap-in for the SAP Microsoft Management Console

sapstartsrv is automatically installed during the installation of the relevant instance. A setting is also made during the installation that ensures that sapstartsrv is automatically started when the host is started up (see below). Manual installation is not required. A sapstartsrv process is automatically running on the relevant host for every SAP instance (ABAP, Java, double-stack, or TREX).


Start of sapstartsrv

Microsoft Windows

During the installation of the instance, a service called SAP<SysID>_<instance number> is created under the user SAPService<SysID>. This service is automatically started when the corresponding host is started. The service starts the executable sapstartsrv.


During the installation of the instance, the start script sapinit is installed. This script, in turn, starts sapstartsrv.

A profile file is specified when sapstartsrv is started. If sapstartsrv administers and monitors an instance, the profile is the instance profile of the corresponding instance. sapstartsrv can also run in host mode, that is, the service is not used to administer and monitor an instance, but rather to monitor a host (see Monitoring Hosts with SAPHostControl and saphostexec).


sapstartsrv also contains the functions of the previous CCMS agents SAPCCM4X and SAPCCMSR –j2ee, that is, the agents that monitor ABAP and Java instances (see Central Monitoring with SAP NetWeaver Management Agents).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Infrastructure of the SAP NetWeaver Management Agents Start Page


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