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Procedure documentation Specifying Additional Files in the Sender File Adapter  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the sender file adapter, you can specify additional files to be included in the XI message as attachments. The receiver of such messages must be able to process them.

Additional files are transported unchanged without conversion options.


     You have set the Additional File(s) indicator in the sender file adapter.

     The additional files must be in the Source Directory.

     The way that the files to be transported are grouped together is defined by the file names. All file names must be identical except for a defined part (such as the suffix).

     You will find additional files as an attachment in the message under the name assigned in the file list.



       1.      Under File List, enter a name of your choice for each additional file.

Separate the names of the additional files with a comma (<Additional File 1,Additional File2, ...,Additional FileN>).

The specified names are used as the names of the additional attachments in the XI message and as parameter keys.

       2.      Enter parameters for the additional files in the table:

     <Additional FileN>.namePart

The name of the additional file is determined from the file name that was assigned for the XI message under File Name.

Specify which part of the original file name must be replaced to find additional files.



If the file invoice.txt is found as a result of the configuration, this entry means that a search is performed for the file invoice.pdf.

     <Additional FileN>.optional


The entry is ignored and the message is sent to the Integration Server/PCK without the system finding the additional file.


If the file is not found, processing is canceled with an error message.

     <Additional FileN>.type

Specifies the file type of the additional file:

      BIN (binary file)

      TXT (text file)

     <Additional FileN>.encoding

If the file type of the additional file is TXT (text file), you can specify the name of the code page to be used.

For information about the rules regarding this specification, see: Configuring the Sender File Adapter, step 11.


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