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Procedure documentation Modifying the State of a Set of Monitors


Use this procedure to modify the state of all monitors in a monitor tree or sub-tree.



       1.      From the SAP NetWeaver Administrator choose System Management Monitoring Java System Reports Reports.

       2.      From the Report dropdown box, choose Monitor Browser.

       3.      From the Show dropdown boxes, choose Predefined J2EE local views All.

       4.      Browse the monitoring tree and select the root of the monitor sub-tree that you want to (de)activate.

       5.      From the Details pane, choose Configuration.

       6.      From the Show dropdown box, choose Data Collection.

       7.      Choose Edit Configuration Group.

       8.      Choose one of the following:

       To activate all monitors in the sub-tree, choose Enable All Children.

       To deactivate all monitors in the sub-tree, choose Disable All Children.


You cannot deactivate a monitor that participates in the Java System Reports. For more information, see Active Monitors.



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