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You use the alert configuration to have the system inform you of errors during message processing. You can receive the alert by e-mail, fax, or SMS. In each case you will also find the alert in your alert inbox.


You have fulfilled the prerequisites and performed the steps listed in Alert Notification Step-by-Step so that you can proceed with the alert configuration settings.

Process Flow

To configure your alerts, proceed as follows:

      Create the alert categories that you want to use in your alert rules.

      Create the alert rules in which you want to use your alert categories.

The following options are also available:

      Using various properties of the XPI Service: AF CORE, you can also control the connection of alerts from the Adapter Framework to the central monitoring server.

      Alerts from the Integration Engine are sent using the RFC destination CentralMonitoringServer-XIAlerts to the central monitoring server.

This destination is created automatically as soon as the first alert is sent from the Integration Engine. The required technical settings and logon information are read from the exchange profile.


If you do not change the corresponding parameters in the exchange profile then the destination is not updated automatically. You can then either adapt or delete the destination manually. If you delete the destination then it is automatically recreated by the Integration Engine with the next alert.

      You can configure a connection to CCMS and schedule the periodic transfer of alerts to CCMS.

Once you have configured the connection to CCMS, choose Show CCMS Connection, select a period, and start the periodic transfer.

A background job is scheduled that collects all unprocessed alerts and forwards the data to CCMS. You can also stop this job.

The transferred data is displayed in a special CCMS Monitor.

      You can use the report SXMSALERT_LOGREADER to display log information for alerts that were reported by PI components. The report also shows whether an alert rule was found or not.



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