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Syntax documentationNames of the BRBACKUP Detail Logs Locate this document in the navigation structure

Every detail log contains a name with the following format:

b<encoded timestamp>.xyz

The first characters indicate the encoded time the backup was performed (action ID). The extension (function ID) indicates the type of backup. The logs are stored in the sapbackup directory.

Possible values for x:

  • a: whole database backed up (backup_mode = all|all_data).

  • p: one or more tablespaces or files backed up (that is, partial backup).

  • f: full (level 0) database backup (backup_mode = full)

  • i: incremental (level 1) database backup (back_mode = incr)

Possible values for y:

  • n: backup performed online (backup_type = online|online_cons|online_split|online_mirror|online_standby).

  • f: backup performed offline (backup_type = offline|offline_force|offline_standby|offline_split|offline_mirror|offline_stop|offstby_split|offstby_mirror).

Possible values for z (specification of backup devices):

  • t: tape device (backup_dev_type = tape|tape_auto|tape_box).

  • d: local disk (backup_device_type = disk|disk_copy|disk_standby).

  • p: tape device on a remote system (backup_device_type = pipe|pipe_auto|pipe_box)

  • f: external backup program used, backup performed file by file (backup_device_type = util_file|util_file_online).

  • v: external backup program used, backup performed volume by volume (backup_dev_typ = util_vol|util_vol_online)

  • s: remote disk (backup_dev_type = stage|stage_copy|stage_standby)

  • r: backup with rman (backup_dev_type = rman_util|rman_disk|rman_stage)

Other function IDs:

  • tib: BRBACKUP option -i, -i force, or -i show used to initialize a volume or display the information in the label.

  • qub: BRBACKUP option -q, or -q check|split used to display which volumes are to be used for the backup, or to make sure that these volumes were actually mounted; no backup was started

  • cmb: BRBACKUP option -k only used to only perform a software compression, but no backup was started. This can be used to determine the current compression rate of all files.

  • dbv: BRBACKUP option -w only_dbv used to verify the internal database block structure with DBVERIFY, but no backup was started

  • rmp: BRBACKUP option -d rman_prep used to prepare for backup with the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), but no backup was started

  • ddb: BRBACKUP option -db used to delete a disk backup, but no backup was started

  • bab: BRBACKUP run was aborted using brbackup -g|-abort