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This chapter lists the specifications related to Web services which are supported in this release.


Core Web Service Specifications


Versions: 1.1 and 1.2 (partial)

Description: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), provides the definition of the lightweight protocol for XML based information, exchanged between parties in a distributed environment.

Support Details: SOAP version 1.2 supports major features, required for communication with other Web service vendors.


Version: 1.1

Description: Web Service Description Language (WSDL), describes Web services as abstract endpoints operating on messages. The definition of operations and messages is abstract while the binding to a specific network protocol is concrete.


Version: 3.02

Description: Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI), defines uniform way to publish and to discover Web services.


Version: 1.0

Description: Extensible Markup Language (XML), is a self-descriptive language designed for exchanging structured data over the Internet. It is the foundation of Web services.


Version: 1.1

Description: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), is a lightweight document transfer protocol that provides an effective universal data transfer.

Description and Discovery Specifications


Version: 2004/09

Description: Defines the model and syntax to describe and communicate the policies of a Web service. A policy is a collection of policy assertions, which describe one or more characteristics that a Web service provider requires from a Web service consumer to follow.

      WS-Policy Attachment

Version: 2004/09

Description: Defines how to attach WS-Policy assertions to WSDL documents and UDDI descriptions.

Support Details: Only attachment to WSDL 1.1 is supported


Version: 1.0

Description: Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL), defines how to locate Web service descriptions on a provider system.

Messaging Specifications

      WS Addressing

Version: 2004/08

Description: Defines a standard mechanism for identifying and exchanging Web services messages between multiple endpoints.

      WS Reliable Messaging

Version: 2005/02

Description: Describes a protocol that allows messages to be delivered reliably between distributed applications in the presence of software component, system, or network failures.

Support Details:

Supported scenario is:

       anonymous client and one-way operations

Not supported scenarios are:

       anonymous client and request-response operations

       addressable client and one-way operations

       addressable client and request-response operations.

Security Specifications


Version: 1.0

Description: Describes extensions to SOAP that allow for quality of protection of SOAP messages including binary tokens for message authentication, digital signatures for message integrity, and content encryption for message confidentiality.

      WS-Security: Username Token Profile

Version: 1.0

      WS-Security: X.509 Certificate Token Profile

Version: 1.0

      WS-Security: SAML Token Profile

Versions: 1.0

      WS-Security Policy

Version: 1.2 committee 02

Description: Defines security assertions detailing a Web service’s requirements that the Web service consumer can meet.

Support Details: WS-Security Policy is available in SP3 only for SAP to SAP scenarios.

      WS-Secure Conversation

Version: 2005/02

Description: Defines how to establish and maintain a persistent context for a secure session over which multiple Web service invocations might be sent without requiring authentication each time.

Support Details: WS-Secure Conversation is available only for SCT over SSL bootstrap


Version: 1.1

Description: Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML based standard for exchanging security information between systems.

Java EE 5 Specifications


Version: 2.0

Description: Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) provides a convenient way to process XML content using Java objects by binding it's XML schema to Java representation.


Version: 2.0

Description: Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) is a fundamental technology for developing SOAP based Java Web services.

      Web Services for Java EE

Version: 1.2

Description: The specification defines deployment, Packaging and Lifecycle of Java EE 5 Web services and proxies in a Java EE 5 environment.

      WS Metadata

Version: 1.0

Description: Web services use metadata to describe what other endpoints need to know to interact with them.


Version: 1.3

Description: SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) provides a standard way to send XML documents over the Internet from the Java platform. It enables developers to produce and consume messages conforming to the SOAP 1.1 specification and SOAP with Attachments note.


Version: 1.0

Description: Streaming API for XML (StAX) is a streaming Java-based, event-driven, pull-parsing API for reading and writing XML documents. StAX enables you to create bidirectional XML parsers that are fast, relatively easy to program, and have a light memory footprint.

Other Specifications

      WS-I Basic Profile

Version: 1.1

Description: Provides interoperability guidance for core Web Services specifications such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.



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