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You plan availability times for communication channels to enable them to be started and stopped automatically instead of manually.


You have started the central SAP NetWeaver Administrator for PI and are in Communication Channel Monitoring.


To schedule the automatic control of communication channels, choose Availability Time Planning in the navigation frame.

All the availability times that have already been defined are displayed with entries in the following table.

Information About Scheduled Availability Times




Displays whether the availability time is active (yes/no)


Short text of your choice

Communication Channels

Makes specifications for the communication channels selected for the availability time, such as selection mode, name, and number of existing exceptions.

Availability Time

Scheduled availability time

You can now create further availability times, or change or delete existing availability times. You can also copy existing availability times and adapt them accordingly.

Create Availability Times

You usually define the required availability times and then specify the communication channels for which the defined times are to apply.

Schedule your availability times as follows:


       1.      Choose New and specify the interval for repeating the new availability time.

       2.      Make the necessary time specifications, enter a suitable description, and activate the scheduled times, if required.

If the scheduled availability time is not one-time, but recurs (for example, daily), the scheduled availability times are displayed individually. You can exclude such individual availability times explicitly and, if necessary, reschedule them.

       3.      To select the communication channels for which you want to schedule the availability time, select the Communication Channels tab page.

       Select the required communication channels by using a selection filter. The selected channels are listed.

The availability time is then valid for all these channels, including all channels that you create later, and those which are created by this filter.

From the list of channels you can remove individual or all channels from planning.

       As an alternative to a filter-based selection list, you can use an explicit list to assign communication channels to the availability time. For this, manually assign channels to the availability time from those channels listed. The availability time then applies to all channels in this explicit list. You can remove individual channels from the list.

       4.      Save the scheduled availability times.

Change Availability Times

The following are typical cases where you would like to change a scheduled availability time:

      You want to change the availability times and would like this change to be applied to all affected communication channels.

      You want to extend or restrict the affected communication channels for a defined availability time.

      You want to change the availability times and the affected communication channels.

Proceed as follows:


       1.      In the availability time planning, select an availability time that is already scheduled.

       2.      Change the scheduled availability time by removing individual deadlines from the list displayed.


You cannot change the frequency of the scheduled availability time.

       3.      Select the Communication Channels tab page and, if required, change the communication channels selected by a filter or by an explicit list.

       4.      If you want to view when the selected availability time was last changed, and by whom, select the Log tab page.

Deleting Availability Times

If you have to delete an availability time that has already been scheduled, select the availability time affected and then choose Delete.

The deleted availability time is removed from the list.



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