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AS Java bootstrap fails to synchronize the system’s files and stops with one of the following exit codes: 501, 502, 510, 545.

Scenario Type: Error analysis

SAP NetWeaver Component: Application Server Java (AS Java)


The bootstrap can fail to synchronize the engine's files due to problems with the configuration of the module.



       1.      Find a detailed description of the problem in the bootstrap log files, which are located in /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<XX>/work/ folder. The log files are:

       dev_bootstrap* - logs from the Java Startup and Control Framework that shows the parameters with which the bootstrap was started.

       log_bootstrap* - logs from the execution of the bootstrap that show the execution flow from the last session and the possible errors.

       jvm_bootstrap* - logs from the JVM output for the bootstrap process that show possible JVM problems during the bootstrap execution.

       2.      Proceed depending on the particular exit code.


Exit code 501: Properties file found, but cannot be read. Check the file permissions.

The file exists in the file system. The bootstrap module uses this file to read the user preferences. If the file cannot be read, some data important for the synchronization may be skipped. Since this may cause undesired effects to the file system content, this is considered fatal.

Check the permissions of the /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<XX>/j2ee/cluster/bootstrap/ file for the <sid>admuser under which the AS Java runs.


Exit code 502: Incorrect property value. For more information about the valid values, see SAP Note 915825.

The file can contain only one property (element.resynch) described in SAP Note 710663. Use the note to understand more about the correct values and the purpose of this property.


Exit code 510: Inconsistent bit length configuration. The JVM reports different bit length than the bit length of the Java Startup and Control Framework. Check the installation consistency. For more information, see SAP Note 915825.

The bit length of the JVM is different from the bit length of the binaries of the Java Startup and Control Framework. This may be caused by the wrong CD content or wrong bit-length detection during installation.

Create a CSS message under the component BC-INS and attach the bootstrap logs and the version of the jlaunch executable. You can determine the version with the command:

      for Windows: <drive>:\usr\sap\<SID>\JC<XX>\exe\jlaunch.exe -version

      for UNIX based: /usr/sap/<SID>/JC<XX>/exe/jlaunch –version


Exit code 545: Current VM type is not supported according to the specified compatibility list. For more information, check the bootstrap logs and see SAP Note 915825.

Not every VM can ensure the same degree of performance and stability for the AS Java. A special compatibility list exists in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) to ensure that the VM is able to perform as expected. If the VM is not in this list, the bootstrap stops with this exit code.

Some JVM options could also cause this exit code and especially the server switch (see SAP Note 709140 for recommended JVM settings). 

Install a VM that is in the list of supported VMs, or change the VM type.



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