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Process documentation Message Monitoring 


You use message monitoring in the following cases:

·  To track the status of messages

·  To find errors that have occurred and establish what caused them

The central message-monitoring tool is the Runtime Workbench. You can also run message monitoring by using Integration Engine monitoring, which you can call from your SAP Easy Access user menu.

In message monitoring for adapter engines, you can restrict access to the message payload for certain types of messages. To do this, you have to create your own actions and group them into roles. For more information, see SAP Note 1370334.


You have started the Runtime Workbench and have chosen Message Monitoring on the initial screen.

Process Flow

Message monitoring enables you to use the following functions:

·  Display and manage messages

·  Displaying the Message Overview

·  Searching for messages using an index.

·  Filter the displayed messages by specific criteria

·  Configure the message display

·  Edit messages.



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