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For the external function call, you can use the addition EXCEPTIONS of the statement CALL FUNCTION to assign return values to the exceptions defined in the interface of the called function module. Class-based exceptions cannot be propagated to the caller from a remotely-called function module, and have the effect of an exception that cannot be processed.

In addition to the exceptions defined in the interface of the called function module, an external function call may trigger the following predefined exceptions:

      Exception SYSTEM_FAILURE occurs if a runtime error occurs during execution of the remotely-called function module.

      The exception COMMUNICATION_FAILURE occurs if the connection cannot be made to the partner system, or if the connection is broken during communication.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text 

We strongly recommend that you assign a return value to these two exceptions for each RFC, and that you process these, otherwise a runtime error may occur in the exception situations described.

More Information

You can find further information about RFC exceptions under:

      Usnig Pre-Defined Exceptions for RFC

      Untreatable Exceptions


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