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The RFC API enables you to establish RFC communication between an SAP system and external systems. Via the RFC API, an external system can communicate as client or server with the SAP system.

Using the RFC SDK (Software Development Kit) you can implement a bundle of C++ functions controlling RFC communication on an external system.

Implementation Considerations

The RFC API exists in two different versions:

      Classical RFC API 

      SAP NetWeaver RFC API 

You can use the SAP NetWeaver RFC API with all SAP systems being currently maintained by SAP.

However, the classical and NetWeaver version of the RFC SDK are incompatible to each other. You cannot use both versions in parallel for a given external application.


The migration from the classical version to SAP NetWeaver RFC API requires development effort for adapting the C/C++ application environment.


The two versions of the RFC API are characterized by their different functionality:

      Classical RFC API (ASCII or Unicode version)

       Support of the classical RFC protocol only

       No dynamic meta data retrieval

       Not free of redundant functions

       The ASCII version supports the SAPGUI protocol

      SAP NetWeaver RFC API contains a restructured set of functions and thus offering extended functionality like:

       Dynamic meta data retrieval

       Support of all SAP single code pages

       Support of the classical RFC protocol and a new binary protocol (basXML) that allows a considerable reduction of data volume when using complex parameter types.

       No redundant functions

       Does not support SAPGUI protocol or start of SAPGUI

       Does not support communication between two external systems


SAP generally recommends the use of the NetWeaver RFC API due to its functional enhancements.

Further Information

A detailed description of the different RFC API versions you can find here:

      Classical RFC SDK

      SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK

For information on security issues of the RFC API, see:

      RFC/ICF Security Guide

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