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You use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) to send XML messages between application components. The processing of these messages is based on information located in a central repository and directory that is called at runtime. The runtime environment required to process this information is provided by the Integration Engine.


Your integration environment is set up and the runtime environment is configured.

The role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER is assigned to those users that call the Integration Server using an application and to users used for processing on the Integration Server.

Process Flow

When the Integration Engine receives a message, it processes it using its pipeline, which mainly comprises the following processing steps:

      Inbound processing with logical routing, and message branching

      Outbound processing with mapping, technical routing, and the receiver call

Routing relates to the receivers of a message, which must be localized within the existing system landscape.

Logical routing determines the name of the receiver and the receiver interface; technical routing queries the communication channel (the physical address) in the Integration Directory that is required to call this interface.

During mapping, values and structures of the sender and receiver application are mapped to each other.

The following aspects are important for message processing with the Integration Engine:

      Pipelines and Pipeline Services

      Quality of Service

      Queues for Asynchronous Message Processing

      Commit Handling

      Defining Receiver Determinations

      Acknowledgment Messages

      Logging and Tracing

      Processing Status

      Display System Errors

      XML Validation

For more information about message processing, see Configuration Time.



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