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Procedure documentationModeling the Interfaces of a Process Component (Provider View) Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have already identified a require process component and created it in the modeling environment. There are already corresponding business objects (BOs) modeled for this to describe the data of a process component. Each BO belongs to exactly one process component.

More information: Process Component Model


  1. In the modeling environment of the Enterprise Services Builder (ES Builder) create a model of SAP Process Component Model type for your process component.

  2. Add the BOs that belong to the process component to the model.

  3. Identify and model the operations and service interfaces that are to provide the process components to access the data. In addition to this identify the operations and service interfaces to access the data of the other process components.

    • Model asynchronous accesses from top to bottom. To be able to model the details of the communication between the provider process component of this model and other process components later, use the SAP Process Component Interaction Model (for more information see Modeling the Interactions Between Two Process Components).

    • Model synchronous accesses from left to right. SAP recommends that you use the same interface pattern as SAP for synchronous accesses.

      More information: Modeling A2X services.