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By developing data types that comply with CCTS, you increase the likelihood that the data types can be reused for the development of A2A and B2B processes, as well as on the UI. You find the CCTS-specific attributes and properties of this methodology in the data type editor in the Enterprise Services Builder. However, developing data types that comply with CCTS requires governance committees in one or more companies. CCTS only forms the basis of these processes because it enables the meaning of data types and their attributes to be represented in the same way by means of naming and structure conventions.

This section does not cover these processes or go into any detail about design guidelines; instead, it concentrates on the functions of the data type editor and many of the underlying concepts that are essential in order for you to understand the editor. The latest version of the CCTS is available on the UN/CEFACT Techniques and Methodologies Group pages:


  1. Find out about design guidelines for developing data types according to CCTS in your development environment, as well as committees that control the governance process for data types. Only start development once you have consulted these committees.

  2. Check whether any data types already exist that you can reuse for your application.

  3. Develop the required core data types (more information: Developing Core Data Types).

  4. Develop the required aggregated data types (more information: Developing Aggregated Data Types).