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Navigation mode enables you to reduce the information content of models. This enables you to restrict the amount of information to what is relevant by hiding information that you do not currently need.

If you have started navigation mode, you cannot edit the model because navigation mode serves to convey information. The following features are available:

You can easily show and hide objects according to your needs using pop-up menus and the Navigation Mode dialog box.

Objects that are not allowed by the method filter you use are hidden in navigation mode and not displayed with their outlines.

Settings that you specify in navigation mode will be included in the Print Preview. You would like to know, for example, which functions of an EPC are carried out by which organizational units. To do this, you can hide all objects except the functions and organizational units that carry them out, and print the model in this view.

As soon as you exit navigation mode, the original status of the model will be restored and you can edit it as usual.




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