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You can determine the connection path in different ways:


      You can determine the course of a connection by clicking at the desired positions in the modeling area while drawing the connection to the target object. With every click, the connection alignment touches that position. For instance, this makes it possible to customize the connection path and lead it around an object.

      Before or while creating a model, you can specify that only right angled connection alignments are allowed or that both right angled and diagonal connections can be drawn. For the current model indicate your settings on the Connection Appearance tab page in the model properties. Your settings will also apply to future models if you enable the Use as default check box. Furthermore you can change the optional settings for connections (Personal Settings of the Enterprise Services Builder, New Models area, Connections tab page).

More information: Making Personal Settings

If you want to allow only right angled connections, enable the New connections only right angled check box. To permit both right angled and diagonal connections, disable this check box. Once you have enabled or disabled the check box and clicked on OK to exit the dialog box, you can create new connections with the specified connection alignment.

      After having created connections, you can specify whether their alignment is to be right angled or diagonal. To do this, select the corresponding connections and open the Connection Properties dialog box. Enable or disable the Connections only right angled check box. If a connection runs diagonally and you specify its alignment to be right angled only, it will immediately change to a right angled alignment. If a connection runs right angled and you disable the Connections only right angled check box, the connection alignment will remain right angled until you change it.

      You can change the connection alignments later by selecting a different anchor point for the connection at the object:


                            a.      Click on the corresponding connection. The anchor and angle points of the connection are marked with a square.

                            b.      Click on the desired anchor point, hold the mouse button down and drag the square to the new anchor point.

      How to remove angles:

       Right-click on an angle and then on Delete angle, or:

       Drag the connection points on top of one another.


The connection alignment is adapted.


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