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A Process Integration scenario models the complete exchange of messages for a collaborative process and provides an overview of the process flow.


A Process Integration scenario is a design object of the Enterprise Services Builder, is uniquely identified by a name and a namespace, and is subject to versioning.

To model the exchange of messages and the process flow, the Process Integration scenario comprises the objects described below. The graphic shows how these objects are associated by using the demo example MultipleFlightBooking (see Booking Connecting Flights).

Process Integration Scenario MultipleFlightBooking and Objects Used

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Process Integration Scenario Objects

      Application Component


      Interfaces and mappings

Interfaces define the data format of the messages that are used when messages are exchanged between actions from different application components. Furthermore, the properties of the interfaces involved determine whether communication takes place synchronously or asynchronously.

If mappings exist between outbound and inbound interfaces, then you can select a mapping for the Process Integration scenario.

For more information about interfaces, see Designing Interfaces and Proxy Generation.

For more information about mappings, see Designing Mappings.


Further Process Integration Scenario Properties

      The beginning and end of a process run can be defined for a Process Integration scenario. Selected actions can be defined as start actions and end actions for this purpose. There can be more than one start or end action.

      WSCI Interface

All descriptions of Process Integration scenarios within the Enterprise Services Builder conform to WSCI (Web Service Choreography Interface) to create a basis for the standardized exchange of Process Integration scenarios. A WSCI interface represents all the inbound and outbound channels (including dependencies) of an application component that is involved in a Process Integration scenario. Therefore, each application component has a corresponding WSCI interface that needs to be named accordingly.

For further information about WSCI, see:

See also:

      For detailed information about the semantic concepts, see Modeling Process Integration Scenarios.


For examples of Process Integration scenarios, see Demo Examples.




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