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The graphical editor is part of the Process Integration Scenario Editor.


Selecting and Moving Objects

This section contains information about the actions you can perform in the graphical editor. They refer to the following objects:

      Application components



All Objects




Position the cursor and


      Choose Display/Change <Object> from the context menu

Application Component



Move (horizontally)

Use Drag & Drop

Drag the application component header horizontally to a new position.


All actions and connections remain unchanged when you move an application component.





To select an individual action, position the cursor on the action and

      Click once

      Call the context menu

Alternatively, set the focus on an action by using the cursor keys or the tab key and then pressing the space bar. This is only possible in change mode (for more information about setting the focus, see below).

To select multiple actions, proceed as follows:

      Hold down the control button and select the actions by clicking the mouse once

      Click a connection line

       If the connection line represents exactly one connection, both actions belonging to the connection are selected

       If the connection line represents multiple connections, all actions associated with all the connections are selected

      Surround the actions with the rubber band. To do so, encircle the actions with the cursor by holding down the left mouse button.

Once you have selected an action, it is surrounded by a red border and the background changes to a light red color.

Move (vertically)

Use Drag & Drop

You have the option of moving multiple actions that you have already selected simultaneously.

Note the following restrictions:

      Actions cannot be moved between different application components

      Actions can only be moved vertically

       if the new relative position of the actions is compatible with the connections defined between the actions. If this is not the case, the system displays a corresponding message.

       if there is sufficient space in the Process Integration Scenario graphical work area to accommodate the move.






Connections can only be moved indirectly when you move the actions that belong to the connection.

Other Functions

      Show/hide grid and set focus

You have the option of including a grid in the graphical work area. If you do so, all the possible positions for actions are indicated by corner points.

With the grid activated, you can set the focus on a grid point or an action. In this case, the position is indicated by a red border.

You move the focus by using the cursor keys or the tab key.

       Once you have set the focus on a position in which an action has already been inserted, press the Enter key to call the action editor for this action or press the Spacebar to select the action (the background changes to a light red color).


In this way, the tool is convenient to use with the keyboard.

When the grid is hidden, you can only set the focus on a position with one action. In this case, the action is then also selected.

To show/hide the grid, in the Process Integration Scenario editor menu, choose View Grid Show/Hide.


The size of the graphical work of the Process Integration scenario area can set between 100% and 50%. To change its size, from the Business Scenario editor menu, choose View Zoom.


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