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Procedure documentation 13: Sending a Failure Notification for the Flight Trip (Transformation, Send)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If one or more flights in the flight trip could not be booked, a corresponding notification is to be sent to the travel agency. The status (error) and the original order number must be apparent from the notification.

For this purpose, specify a service mapping that sets the booking status to F and the order number from the booking as the order number in the confirmation.

The notification is then sent to the travel agency. Therefore, the receiver of the notification can be determined from the header information in the booking message.



       1.      In the process container, define the container element for the notification:

       Name: FailureNotification

       Category: Abstract Interface

       Data type: MultipleBookingOrderConfirmation_Abstract

       Container: Process

       2.      Insert a transformation step into the Otherwise branch:

       Step Name: CreateFailureNotification

       Interface Mapping: CreateFailureNotification_BPM

       Source Message: MultipleBooking (Interface)

       Target Message: FailureNotification (Interface)

Defining a Send Step

       3.      Insert a send step after the transformation step.

       4.      Enter SendFailureNotification as the step name.

       5.      Double-click the Message field, and then in the expression editor, choose FailureNotification.

       6.      Define that the notification is to be sent to the sender of the booking:

                            a.      In the Receiver From field, select Response to Message.

                            b.      Select the original Multiple Booking booking message in the Response to Message field.

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