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An integration process consists of several steps. Certain combinations of steps, for example, for collecting messages or for sending messages in a particular sequence are frequently required. Typical step combinations are also known as patterns. SAP ships some frequently used patterns.

Insert a Pattern

To use a pattern in your own integration process, choose Insert Integration Process After from the context menu for a step or from the menu bar of the Process Editor.

Display Documentation

To display a description for the individual patterns, open a pattern and click the icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info Show/Hide Documentation.

Example Process

SAP ships one example integration process. This forms the basis of the tutorial for the definition of integration processes.

The pattern and example process are located in the Enterprise Services Repository under SAP Basis SAP Basis <release number> in the following namespaces:

·         Pattern:

·         Example process:  MultipleFlightBookingCoordination



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