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You can assign an action to a Process Integration scenario.


Whether an action can be used as an internal or external action is defined in the action properties (see: Action Editor).


Note the restrictions regarding the type of application component when using internal or external actions (see Action).



       1.      Position the cursor on the application component.

       2.      Choose Insert Action from the context menu. Select an action from the list displayed in the Select Action dialog.


Only those actions permitted for the selected application component are displayed (see Prerequisites).

       3.      Select an action.

       4.      Choose OK.


You can use drag and drop to drag actions from the navigation area to the individual application components. In the process, the system checks whether the software component version of the action corresponds to a software component version of the application component. If this is not the case, drag and drop is terminated, and an appropriate error message is displayed.


The action is inserted in the application component where you positioned the cursor. It is shown as a small white box. The description of the action is displayed in the box. If no description for the action exists, the name of the action is displayed instead.


To create a description for an action, navigate to the action editor.


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