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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text How to assign a default symbol to existing objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For each object definition, you can specify an object symbol that is to be used when you create an occurrence based on the object definition:



       1.      Right-click on the object and on Properties.

       2.      Click on Occurrences.

       3.      Click on the down arrow in the Default symbol box. All object symbols that are allowed for the object type by the method filter you use are listed.

       4.      Select an object symbol. It is assigned to the object definition as a default symbol.

       5.      To assign the default symbol to all existing occurrences in all models, click on the Pass on symbol button and then on Yes. The occurrences are changed in all models in which the selected object symbol is allowed by the method. When you pass on default symbols, the following can happen:

       The layout of existing models can be changed as symbols can have different sizes and different connection anchor points.

       Object symbols are not replaced if replacing them would mean that connections could not be retained as they are not permitted by the new symbol.

       6.      Close the Properties dialog box.



The new object symbol is used if it is allowed by the method.



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