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Procedure documentation 4: Creating a New Namespace  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Create a new namespace in the imported software component version. This will enable you to create new objects and reference the objects of the shipped example. Finally, activate the software component version. This is necessary so that you can activate the objects it contains and configure them in the Integration Directory later.


Creating a Namespace


       1.      In the navigation tree, call the context menu for your imported software component version MyTutorial<ID>, 1of <YourName>, and choose Open Namespace Definition.

       2.      Under Namespaces, add an additional line to the table and enter http://MyTutorial<ID> as the name of your namespace.

       3.      Click This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info Save.

Activating a Software Component Version

       4.      In the navigation area, choose the Change Lists tab page.

       5.      Navigate to your software component version and then to the standard change list.

       6.      In the context menu, choose Activate.


You can now begin with the tutorial for defining an integration process. More information: Tutorial: Defining an Integration Process.





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