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Procedure documentation Entering Hyperlinks  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can set a hyperlink from the HTML editor to external documentation.


You can use the HTML editor to enter simply structured documentation for an object. If this object requires comprehensive, complexly structured documentation, you can record this documentation externally. You can then set a hyperlink from the HTML editor to this documentation. An internal company Intranet or the SAP Knowledge Warehouse can be used for external documentation storage.


This is an additional option when using the HTML editor that is integrated in the ES Builder.

If external documentation already exists for the object in SAP Solution Composer, we recommend that you use the other option and link to this existing documentation.

More information: Navigating to Object Documentation in SAP Solution Composer


You have opened the object to be documented. You have displayed the HTML editor.



       1.      To switch to change mode, choose Change Documentation(This graphic is explained in the accompanying text ) in the documentation editor.

       2.      In the upper screen area (HTML editor), select the block in which you want to set the hyperlink.

       3.      Set a hyperlink to the external documentation in the HTML source code.

You now have the following options:

       Hyperlink to any external documentation; specify the relative URL

Use the following syntax: DOCU:PLAIN:<relative path>. The complete syntax for the hyperlink in HTML source code is then in the following form (example): <a href="DOCU:PLAIN:dir/support/index.html">Plain Link</a>)


You can link documentation that is recorded on your internal company Intranet.

       Hyperlink to documentation in SAP Knowledge Warehouse; specify the LOIO

You can link documentation that you have recorded in the SAP Library.

Use the following syntax for the hyperlink address: DOCU:KW:<LOIO>. The complete syntax for the hyperlink in HTML source code is then in the following form: <a href="DOCU:KW:<LOIO>">Link-Text</a>.

The LOIO is the 32-figure GUID for the respective information object in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse. You can determine this GUID from the browser preview for the information object in the Knowledge Warehouse.


Example of a hyperlink in the HTML source code: <a href="DOCU:KW:086D143F4320D036E10000000A114084">KW Link</a>

       Specify an absolute Internet address

If you specify the absolute internet address when you link to an Internet page, you can specify the Internet address in HTML source code by using the usual syntax.


<a href="">Link-Text</a>

To specify optional parameters, enhance the syntax as follows: DOCU:PLAIN:<relative path>[?<optional parameter>] or DOCU:KW:<relative path>[?<optional parameter>]. You can specify the documentation release by setting a hyperlink to documentation in the SAP Knowledge Warehouse.


<a href="DOCU:KW:086D143F4320D036E10000000A114084?release=640”>Link (SAP Knowledge Warehouse, Release 6.40)</a>


To ensure that a complete URL can be generated from your entries, the basic URL (e.g. address must be defined correctly by the administrator. If your hyperlink does not link to the correct target document, contact your administrator. For information about entering the basis address of the URL, see the SAP XI configuration guide.

More information: Configuring the Documentation Editor


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