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Procedure documentation Adding Lookups to Mapping Programs  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


By using a mapping lookup, mapping programs can call functions from other application systems while a mapping program on the Integration Server is being executed. This may be necessary for the following reasons:

     To read from application system data in the mapping program

     To call existing mapping routines in the application system


A lookup is not mandatory for mapping values to one another in a mapping program. For this purpose, use the global value-mapping table to implement value mappings separately from the remainder of the mapping (see also Executing Value Mappings).


The mapping runtime has a lookup API for calls to application systems. It supports access using the RFC, JDBC, and SOAP adapters. If you want to use a third-party adapter for a mapping lookup in an application system, the adapter must fulfill the following requirements:

     The adapter must support synchronous calls.

     The adapter must not depend on information from a receiver agreement. If the adapter depends on this information, processing of the mapping lookup is terminated.

You can perform mapping lookups in both the central and non-central Adapter Engine.



       1.      Check whether the application system that you want to call using a lookup contains an adapter that satisfies the prerequisites above.

       2.      Depending on the type of mapping program you are using, follow the description in the relevant procedure below:

     Using the Lookup API in a Java Mapping Program

     Using the Lookup API in an XSLT Program

     Using the Lookup API in a Message Mapping

     Defining JDBC Lookups Graphically





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