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You can check whether an object is consistent. An object is consistent if it is complete and works properly together with the objects referenced.


An object is not consistent if an object reference refers to a target object that does not exist.

The checks performed depend on the object type.


To check an object, open it and in the menu bar of the object editor choose <Object> Check (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

The result of the object check is displayed in a processing log in the lower part of the screen of the object editor. You can show or hide the processing log by choosing View  Processing Log (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) in the menu bar of the Object Editor.


All the errors that were recognized when the object was saved are displayed in the processing log.


Examples for Object Checks of Process Integration Scenarios and Processes



Process Integration Scenarios

Connection: Outbound and inbound interfaces exist

Process Integration Scenarios

Connection to an application component with integration process: Abstract interfaces must be inserted in the integration process

Examples for Object Checks of Interface Objects



Message Type

Message type refers to existing data type

Examples for Object Checks of Mapping Objects



Message Mapping

Source and target messages both active



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